About our Chapter

The Madison Area Chapter is a nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Wisconsin under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service.  A Board of Directors is elected at the March meeting to direct the business of the Chapter corporation and serves from June 1 for a term of one year, ending May 31. 

Membership: Members of Madison Area Chapter are mothers (Patronesses) and daughters (Ticktockers) in grade 7-12.

Membership classes include:

  • Provisional Members – new members who are participating in one year of orientation;
  • Active Members – members who have completed the Provisional orientation program; and
  • Sustainers – members who choose to continue their membership with NCL, Inc. following their years of Active Membership.

Grade Levels or Ticktocker Classes:

  • Ticktocker members are grouped into Grade Levels or Ticktocker Classes; year of high school graduation labels their grouping, ex. Class of 2021
  • Ticktocker Grade Levels elect Ticktocker Officers at the March Grade Level meeting to manage the business of their grade level each year. (See the Ticktocker Procedures for more information on Ticktocker elected and appointed positions.)
  • GLAs and all Patronesses help support the Ticktocker Grade Levels and are members of their daughter’s Ticktocker Class.